Sullivan’s Island 5K FAQs

As you consider your options for enrolling your child in a Kindergarten program, we are thrilled to add Holy Cross Island School to your list! For the first time, we have felt a nudge from our Lord, to add this program to our school offerings. Please read below for detailed information in a Q & A framework about this opportunity.

New on our 2020-21 application this year is a Kindergarten program. Hours for the Kindergarten are 8:45am – 1:45pm. A minimum of eight enrolled children are required for the class to launch in the 2020-21 school year. Parents with children currently enrolled in  HIS School should register their child(ren) online at during the 2020-21 Open Enrollment period, Jan 6-17. Acceptance letters will be sent via email on Friday, January 24th.  Registration fees will be due no later than Friday, February 7th. Parents will be notified no later than Feb 28th if the class will launch. In the event the class does not launch, all registration fees will be promptly returned to enrolled families.  

Q: Where will the new classroom be located? 

A: Upstairs, on the existing 4s hallway. The room is currently labeled room 203. It is a very large room, 577 sqft!, with multiple sets of windows. Because the classroom is located on an existing preschool hallway, the Sonitrol Security System is already in place to keep the additional classroom secure. 

Q: What about bathroom facilities?

A: The new classroom will share the existing facilities that are on the upstairs preschool hallway and an additional bathroom will be added over the summer to accommodate the increase in children using the upstairs restrooms. 

Q: What will the teacher to child ratios be?  

A: Our ratios will be amazing! The class will maintain a 1:10 teacher to child ratio. This means that if we have enrollment greater than 10 children, we will add a second teacher to the class. Such a low teacher to child ratio enables the teacher to provide individualized attention to her students, address different learning styles, and accommodate an individual education plan (IEP) for each child. 

Q: Who will teach the class? 

A: The Kindergarten teacher has not yet been hired. We will wait until registration to determine if we have a class of at least 8 enrolled children before beginning our search process for the teacher. We hope to hire a certified kindergarten teacher with a Christian education background and a heart that is in line with the principles and values that we expect from our HIS School teaching team. 

Q: What will the curriculum be?

A:  We will offer a Christian-based academic curriculum that encompasses all of the SC Learning Standards for Kindergarten in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, supporting curriculum will include Handwriting without Tears, Spanish Foreign Language, and The Bible. Smart Board technology will be implemented to improve learning, enhance literacy, boost attentiveness, and increase comprehension in the classroom.

Q: What are the HIS School 5K hours compared to public 5K? 

A: Charleston County Elementary Schools start at 7:25am. Students are expected to be to school on-time (arrival begins at 7am and the bell rings at 7:25am) ready to learn! The day ends at 2:25pm, that is a 7 hour day. Holy Cross Island School begins at 9am (arrival begins at 8:45am) and our kindergarten program will conclude at 1:45pm. That is a 4 hour, 45 min day.  When considering your child’s best kindergarten experience, ask yourself, is my child ready to learn at 7:25am? for 7 hours? 

Q: Will my child go to chapel and participate in school-wide celebrations and events? 

A: Yes, nothing will change here! Our 5K students will continue to attend Chapel at 9:30am on Fridays with the preschool at large. In fact, our 5K students will continue to participate in all schoolwide events, field trips and celebrations. For planning purposes, this class will celebrate on Fridays.  If you have younger children in the preschool, this is a huge benefit to enrolling your child in a private 5K program. You will not have to juggle your calendar to attend events at multiple schools during holidays. And, you will be able to continue to go on field trips as a family. Additional 5K-only field trips may be added for educational purposes. 

Q: What is the cost?

A: Annual tuition (with the 5% for payment before August 1st already deducted) is $3,847.50. Paying monthly, tuition is $450 + 3% fees. This rate is significantly lower than the current rate to send a 4 year old to school with extended day ($605), though the hours are the same. We are offering a lower rate with hopes of encouraging parents to stay with the HIS School family for our 5K program. This smaller class, lower ratio, private Christian education costs only $22.50 per day or less than $5 per hour! 

Q: What if I have any other questions or concerns?

A: Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at 843-364-9994. 

School Is canceled Monday October 10th

Both Charleston County School District and Berkeley County School districts have announced that they will be closed Monday, October 10th due to issues in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. As we follow what the districts do, we will not hold school Monday, October 10th at either our Sullivan’s Island and Daniel Island locations.

While neither of our campuses received damage during the Hurricane, this closure will allow our teachers and staff to return home from evacuation in a safe manner. We are praying for your continued safety in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

You can read the school districts’ statements at these links:…/docume…/CCSDSchoolsonMonday.php

Closure Due to Hurricane Matthew

Dear Parents,

In her press conference this afternoon, Governor Nikki Haley ordered all schools south of Marlboro County and east of Aiken County to close their schools for the rest of the week, due to effects of and potential landfall of Hurricane Matthew. This includes both Charleston County School Districts and Berkeley County School Districts.

As such, both campuses of our Holy Cross Island Schools will be closed for the rest of the week (October 5-7).

Please stay safe and join me in praying that our Lord,who has the power to calm the wind and waves (Mark 4:35-41), will command Hurricane Matthew to be still!

In Him,
Sue Cuthbert
Director, Holy Cross Island School