Who We Are

Our Vision

“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Our Mission 

The mission of Holy Cross Island School (“HIS School”) is to provide a fun and educational place for children to grow and learn in an environment that teaches and practices the love of Jesus Christ as a ministry of the Church of the Holy Cross.

Our Certification

HIS School is a licensed faith-based preschool with South Carolina Childcare.  In fact, we are the only church-based preschool in Mt. Pleasant with this certification! This certification is difficult to achieve and maintain and should give you great peace in knowing your child’s preschool follows the highest standard for safety, education, and care available in the area. This distinction is established by the regulatory process within The Department of Social Services (DSS) and The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). In order to achieve this certification, HIS directors, teachers, staff, and substitutes must complete annual background security checks, 15-20 hours of annual continuing education as well as regular immunizations & physical examinations.  In addition, HIS buildings, grounds, classrooms and playgrounds must meet regulatory & fire safety code for ultimate safety & security of the children.

Class Descriptions 

Ones Class: Holy Cross Island School offers a special program for our littlest preschoolers. Children spend the morning enjoying free play, story time, introduction to art and music, snack, Chapel and outside time. The children are loved through the process of separating from parents and learning how to play with other little friends. This class is offered from 9am to 11:45am with 2 and 3 day options. The ratio of teacher to child in this class is 1:3.

Twos Class:  In the twos we offer free play, story time, music and dance, art and creative expression, Chapel, snack and outside play. The children are introduced to the Bible, ABCs, 123’s, spatial awareness, the 5 senses and Spanish. In the twos the children are loved through the process of obedience and potty training. This class is offered from 9am to 12:30pm. Children end their day with lunch prepared and sent from home. The ratio of teacher to child in this class is 1:5 at DI and 1:6 at SI.

Threes Class: The 3’s are busy! Class begins with free play followed by circle time with weekly & daily lesson introduction, calendar, weather, classroom job assignments, and agenda review. The lessons are centered on Bible stories, verses & truths that also teach academics. Play centers reinforce the lessons and other skills the teachers are working on (fine motor, sequencing, letter/number recognition, spatial awareness, etc) to help the children learn through play. The threes also enjoy snack, storytime, outside play, Chapel and lunch. This class is offered from 9am to 12:15pm with 2 and 3 day options and an option to enroll in extended day. Our Sullivan’s Island campus also offers a 5 day option for your 3 year old. The ratio of teacher to child in this class is 1:6.

Fours Class: The fours will be preparing for a successful transition into primary school, while still enjoying the pretend play and creative learning aspects of their age. Each week they will study stories from the Bible to learn about God’s character. They will study letters through vocabulary, explore science, nature and world culture, and learn numbers and math concepts all in a loving environment. Handwriting and phonetic awareness are taught through Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  Play centers reinforce the lessons and other skills the teachers are working on (fine motor, sequencing, spatial awareness, etc) to help children learn through play. The fours also enjoy snack, story time, outside play, Chapel and lunch. This class is offered from 9am to 12:15pm with an option to enroll in extended day which ends at 1:45pm. The ratio of teacher to child in this class is 1:6.

Kindergarten Class: Our Kindergarten program is built around the SC State Kindergarten Standards and incorporates a variety of academic curriculum supplements including the Sonlight curriculum, Explode the Code, Exploring God’s World, and the Saxon math program.  Our full day program is designed to foster a child’s love of learning through exploring and discovery. HIS School strives to fulfill each child’s individual goals with a low teacher to student ratio.  With this low ratio, we are able to better differentiate instruction to help meet  each child’s specific learning goals.  All of this is accomplished with the heart of Jesus Christ at the center of our school. 

Academics for Kindergarten:

Language Arts and Phonics: Language Art and Phonics skills are developed around the Sonlight curriculum which is based on a natural learning approach. This method starts with discovery, observation and then analysis.  The child then uses these skills to reinforce and master the areas of language arts. Our goal is for each student to have a solid foundation so  they can apply what they have learned this year into any context now and for their future education. The overview of the Sonlight Curriculum is to lay a foundation for reading, writing and communication.  This year they will cover all 21 consonant sounds plus the short forms of all five vowels. We will be reading and writing three letter words along with the children reading a story every week after week 10.  Books will range from the I Can Read Books to Books Around the World. Students will also be supplemented with kinesthetic learning experiences as they navigate through the Sonlight curriculum along with Explode the Code.

Writing Workshop: Handwriting and phonics skills are developed using the Explode the Code curriculum with supplementary materials added to reinforce fine motor development and sound-letter correspondence.  This program is developmentally based and used for right and left handed children making the adjustments for either writing hand.   Journaling, proper sentence formation, and punctuation are part of this ELA curriculum as well. 

Math: Mathematics and number foundations are developed using the Saxon curriculum.  This is a comprehensive program that will teach many math concepts such as counting, ordering numbers, patterns, shapes, sequencing, grouping, adding and subtracting. These various concepts are taught by using many different techniques and incorporating hands-on manipulatives to support mastery of foundational math skills. 

STEM/STEAM/Social Studies: Exploring God’s World is one example of the curriculum that will be presented for history and cultures around the world.  This curriculum engages hands-on exploration through scientific experiments and concepts. Many of the science explorations will be taught through our reading alouds. These lessons will be followed by our learning centers  where students apply what they have read using activities that engage the five senses. 

Bible: God’s word is at the heart of our curriculum and also incorporated in language arts, science, and social studies activities.  The children really enjoy chapel time and learning about God’s word during this special time at Holy Cross.  Our classroom will use many supplements with Stories Around the World and the One Year Bible. We will also explore the many Attributes of God throughout the year. Our goal at HIS School is to make sure  the children sense God’s presence, know how much He loves them, and grow spiritually in faith as they discover the amazing world our Lord created!